Research and Innovation Association

Research and Innovation Association

at the Higher School of Technology of Safi (RIA SHST)


RIA SHST was founded in the Safi Higher School of Technology (SHST), which is governed like all other associations under the Moroccan Law No. 1-73-285 regulating the right to form associations :

  1. Law No. 1-73-285 regulating the right to form associations
  2. website of the General Secretariat of the Government


The main goals of the RIA SHST are :

  1. Keep up with updates and developments in the scientific and technological fields in general.
  2. Contribute to creating a participatory dynamic between the university executives and social and economic actors.
  3. Establish connections and collaborations with different entities involved in scientific research and innovation, at various levels such as regional, national, and international, in alignment with the association’s objectives.
  4. Contribute to organizing seminars, conferences and debates that bring together researchers in the scientific & technological fields and Moroccan & international organizations interested in these fields to exchange experiences, research and visits.
  5. Encouraging research and innovation among students and researchers.

  Office members

The association’s office consists of at least five members who are elected for every three financial years of the Association by the members of the General Council from among its members:

  1. President : Prof. Jamal Bakkas.
  2. Vice – President : Prof. Said Elfezazi.
  3. General Secretary : Prof. Othmane Alaoui fdili.
  4. Treasurer : Prof. Abderrahman Chekry.
  5. Vice – Treasurer : Prof. Hind El Ouazzani.
  6. Counselor : Prof. Ilham mounir.
  7. Counselor : Prof. Hasna Oubnaki.


ADACIS’23 International Conference on Advances in Data-driven Analytics and Intelligent Systems
November, 23rd – 25th 2023 in Marrakech, Morocco